Kaapo Puffs Veggie

Veggie & Apple

Made with organic vegetables and apples, and enriched with natural vitamins and minerals, Kaapo Puffs provide healthy, nutritional and delicious snacks for your children that support their growth and development.

Broccolis are rich in nutrients, and their nutrients are very comprehensive. They mainly contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamin C and carotene. The average nutritional value of broccolis and its disease prevention level are ranked the first among all vegetables.

Spinaches are able to nourish blood, stop the bleeding, and relief dryness. They also could clean up human gastrointestinal toxic elements, prevent constipation and keep people healthy.

Apples not only are rich in vitamins, but also contain zinc, phosphorus, and iron which are necessary nutrients for brains. In the human bodies, zinc is an integral element of many important enzymes, and plays a crucial role in boosting human growth and development. Phosphorus and iron are easily absorbed by the intestinal wall, and could boost brain-supply and nourish blood.

Your children are ready for Kaapo Puffs when they:

  • Begin to use their jaws to mash food
  • Crawl on their hands and knees with stomach off the floor
  • Pick up food to eat on their own with fingers
  • Eat thicker solids with larger pieces

Organic Labels & Certificates

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