Kaapo Puffs Flavors

Kaapo Blueberry Puffs
Bluebrerry Carrot
Kaapo Strawberry Puffs
Strawberry Apple
Kaapo Mango Carrot Puffs
Mango Carrot
Kaapo Veggie Apple Puffs
Veggie Apple

Kaapo Puffs

   Whole Grains

Each puff is baked with whole grains, which helps provide balanced nutrition.

   Melt Away

The puffs are very small and can easily melt away in toddlers’ mouths.

   Organic Ingredients

They are made of good combination of organic fruits and vegetables.

Kaapo Puffs Great Snacks

Lovely Snacks   

The flower shape is very cute and babies love them. They are well designed for babies’ small hands.

Safe for Babies   

There are NO added colors, NO artificial preservatives and NO artificial flavors.

Perfect Finger Food   

They are perfect finger food to help babies practice picking up food and encourage their self-feeding.

Kaapo Puffs

Organic Labels & Certificates

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